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Bouquet Pillow

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Laying out the border on center piece.

I made this pillow for my grandmother a few years ago. It was quite gloomy outside during the winter so I thought I would sew some flowers to brighten up her living room. Since she passed away it has been in my parents room providing a splash of color.

I used yo-yo flowers with colorful buttons to fill out the bouquet. Lime green ric-rac made the perfect whimsical stems.

Yo-yos are fairly easy. You can either make them free hand or use a tool to make symmetric ones every time. The tools can be purchased at most stores that sell fabric (Jo-Ann’s, Fabric Depot, Craft Warehouse, etc.). Here are a few tutorials:

Finished Bouquet Pillow

How to Make a Fabric Flower YoYo
How To Make A Perfect Yo-Yo Every Time

Here is the finished pillow. I chose to use a lime green backing with a subtle design to compliment the bright flowers on the front. It is more decorative than practical since all the fun buttons may hurt if you tried to lay down on it.


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