Crowing Hens

Creations of a 20-something quilter…

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Sensory Elephant

My friend sent me an example of a sensory blanket in the shape of an elephant. This is my attemp at making one. It is smaller than the example was, but turned out pretty cute.

Sensory Elephant

Sensory Elephant


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Bright and Bold

My friend who received the Colorful Zebra Baby also has an older daughter. I just gave here this bright and bold quilt. I found a focal print in pink, purple, and green and then coordinating fabrics for the rest of the quilt. I loved the pink elephants and they started the quilt!

The mosaic look is great with the white interior borders and binding. The back is a green chevron flannel for cozy snuggling. While I did give this to her in the summer, it was raining this weekend so maybe she used it!

I also included a photo of the baby doll sleeping bag I made for her birthday a few months ago. This was my first zipper and it turned out well. I was proud of that small accomplishment. You don’t get to use many zippers in quilting.

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Sweet Miracle Baby

My neighbor from Baby Mickeys and Minnies was blessed with another grand baby this year. This little miracle was born very prematurely has has spent the first months of her life in the hospital. I am so glad we got to send this lovely quilt to her.

The mother wanted some soft pinks and greens for the baby quilt. She sent me some examples of fabrics, a few of which were the flannels used on the back. I found this quilt pattern in a magazine. It was for a twin bed so I eliminated one of the rows to make a nice sized quilt. I like that the pattern has some large white space and provides for some eye movement.

The dedication on the back is the same shaped flower as in one of the fabrics. I hand stitched the wording with some embroidery thread. Similar to the previous quilt, the dedication is in the lower right corner of the back.

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Oh Starry Deer

Grad school baby boy number two was born shortly after the recipient of Building Block Baby. I have used this baby deer fabric before in a quilt and it fit this lovely family perfectly. Again, the other fabrics are also from my stash. It has been a good year for using some of my extra fabrics!

I used a simple star pattern with the deer as accents on the corners. The stars are some great red, yellow, orange, and blue fabrics with subtle designs. The backing has the same colors in a freestyle chevron pattern on cozy flannel. I really liked the red with the deer so that made the border.

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Building Block Baby

Both of my friends from grad school had baby boys this last February. For the first little guy, I was able to use fabrics from my stash since I have been making baby boy quilts for the past few years.

I don’t remember where I found this pattern but I liked that it reminded me of building blocks and legos. Again, its a simple pattern. I think those sometimes work best for baby quilts and the bold colors are intriguing for the little ones. The back is a simple white on white polka dot.

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Baby Girl Polka Dots

With the new year came the first baby girl cousin in the family. I was so happy to hear that I would be able to make a cute girly quilt since our family has been overrun by little boys! Sad to say, I still haven’t met this new edition, but I am sure she was cozy this winter in her pink and green quilt.

I have had this set of fat quarters for a few years now hoping I would have a baby girl to make the quilt for. I loved polka dots (I have mentioned this before) and I loved the variation in polka dot style. I wanted the pattern to be simple and I liked the idea of creating a quilt that would draw the eye diagonally. It is basic but I think it works with the pinks, greens, and whites. I also used my go-to

white on white polka dot fabric for the backing.

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Christmas in Florence

This was my second Christmas here in Florence, but my first with a real tree! Betsy sure liked the tree and spent much of December camped out underneath it. It made my little house so cozy and was the perfect environment to be creative. I made a few little Christmas decorations for the house and the office.

Of course it isn’t Christmas without making Grandma’s Christmas Tree cookies! I made several batches of them this year…

I also made a little picture for my kitchen. I saw a printed canvas at a shop with the kitchen scene and saying. I went to the scrapbook shop and picked out some cute paper to make my own. It looks great in my kitchen!

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An OSU Christmas

I usually make a few quilts for Christmas presents, but this year I had many baby quilts in the works! I did end up making one quilt though. My family is quite invested in Oregon State University and I have an aunt who especially loves all things OSU Beaver related! I thought I would make her an OSU themed quilt for Christmas.

As I looked online for a quilt that allowed for several combinations of a handful of colors, I found a photo of one that was simple yet interesting to the eye. I created a pattern for quilt and this is what I came up with. It is a nice lap sized quilt.

I used fabrics from my stash for this one. There are both scraps from old quilts and fabrics that I have bought without a project in mind. The back is a simple white on white patterned fabric that was used on the front. I really like how it turned out and it helped reduce by fabric stash!

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Colorful Zebra Baby

Since moving to Florence I have made a few good friends. One of those lovely ladies had a baby in December! I had been wanting to make the Crinkle Quilt for a long time but didn’t really have an occasion to do so. This baby girl was the perfect opportunity.

I really loved the idea that the quilt had texture for a baby to feel and allowed for the use of many colorful pieces. The zebra accent was perfect because of the long strips that allowed for the full effect of the patterned fabric. I will say, as simple as this quilt was, it did take a long time to get the ruffles just right! There were a lot of tiny strings floating around my house for weeks due to the manipulation of the long strips of colors. The quilt turned out amazing and was worth all the sore fingers!

I used the same zebra print for the back and did simple straight lines for the quilting on the edges of the zebra stripes. This also helped lock down the bulky seams from the ruffles. For the binding, I used the same fabrics used in the ruffles in varying lengths. All combined, it made for a cheerful baby quilt.

For the baby shower, I also made a simple tutu to add to the base of the diaper cake. It was really easy. I just cut strips of pink and purple tulle and tied them to a large headband hair elastic. It turned out pretty cute.

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Baby Mickeys and Minnies

My neighbor asked me to make a quilt for her daughter who was having a baby. The theme of the nursery was Disney. As you can see with my past baby quilts, I generally like to make quilts that will be timeless and not your typical baby quilt patterns. I want the recipients to be able to use the quilt for years without it feeling like a ‘baby’ quilt. I didn’t want to use any of the Disney prints as they are more childish and many not age well.

I found a quilt like this online and make my own pattern to mimic the simple design. I loved the polka dots with the Mickey and Minnie silhouettes. The back is flannel to add an extra level of cuddle friendly to the quilt. She also asked for a dedication on the quilt so I used a Mickey silhouette on the back with the info stitched by machine. I need a better machine to do this in the future… maybe when I am rich! I hear baby Xavier liked the quilt and it fit in perfectly with the room.